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Video-0891 We are Originally Pure
Have you ever dreamed of living forever? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that originally, this human body was an extraordinary design which was well-equipped with everything, light, brightness, and love. It can rejuvenate itself and last for even 80,000 years! ..(more)
Video-0892 Save Earth with Hope
On the topic of today’s global climatic crisis, Supreme Master Ching Hai points out, “Our action, no matter on purpose or not, always reflects the inner consciousness and the subconscious also. The subconscious is always visible to all beings and all the universe. So, ..(more)
Video-0893 Act Like Our True Great Self
As Association members give their brief descriptions of the many activities being done around the world to halt climate change, Supreme Master Ching Hai shares her point of view on the most effective way to protect ourselves from diseases and help the others at the ..(more)
Video-0896 Spiritual Practice and Sincerity Help the Planet
In light of the dire situations of our Earth such as global warming and animals’ suffering, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged our Association Members to contribute our efforts by utilizing the wisdom, courage, and love gained from spiritual practice to save the ..(more)
Video-0903(1.2) Elevate Ourselves and Serve Others
Facing a difficult mundane life is like forging gold. It makes us stronger, kinder, and able to attain inner perfection and to elevate our level. When we serve others wholeheartedly, love animals with sincerity and respect, and spread the message with a loving heart ..(more)
Video-0904 Our Thinking Can Change the Universe
In sharing the statement of a simple diet, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveys that all is created by habit. Therefore, we can train ourselves to do anything. It is the same with meat eating, which anyone can also completely abstain from. Since we are the superior ..(more)
Video-0906 Returning to Our True Loving Self
During the 2009 international gatherings with Association Members, Supreme Master Ching Hai said that in this critical time, technology and inventions alone would not save us. If we want to live, we have to be awakened and enlightened. We don’t harm anyone, any animal. ..(more)
Video-0907 Veganism Radiates Compassionate Energy
At a gathering with Association Members, Supreme Master Ching Hai frankly said that people can be saved if only they become vegans. She also reveals that dogs fed with vegan food have become kinder. The longer they are vegan the kinder they became. A survey found that ..(more)
Video-0914 The All-Encompassing Love of a Master
With sincere longing, Association members came from all around the world to share their love and gratitude with Supreme Master Ching Hai. On several occasions, they mentioned about her timely support on their spiritual path before, during and after initiation. The ..(more)
Video-0923(1.2) Be Selfless and Unconditional All the Time
At a gathering of disciples during the Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages us to contribute unconditionally and selflessly at all times. Such is the way of the universe. The moon, stars, trees, and air – they always give and ..(more)
Video-0942 Everything Is Possible If We Live the Way of Heaven
If everyone becomes vegan, what will the world be like? Supreme Master Ching Hai shared her valuable insights, saying, “It will be Heaven. The atmosphere of the world will change - the energy will be positive and benign. Everybody will feel different. ..(more)
Video-0945 Simplify Life: A Way to Improve Our Spiritual Practice
In Cancun, where several spiritual blessing lines cross, Supreme Master Ching Hai speaks of the benefits to our body of eating fruits. She says that fruits are more acceptable to our body's defense system than vegetables and helpful to us to move more easily toward ..(more)
Video-0946(1.2) The Difference Between the Quan Yin Method and Breatharianism
Is it suitable for everyone to become a breatharian? How did it become a habit that humans need to eat? Supreme Master Ching Hai elaborates the difference between the Quan Yin Method and breatharianism, and also speaks of the situation and symptoms one may go through ..(more)
Video-0948 To Stop All Vices: Help Others to be Independent
Drugs, violence, killing and so on, most of which derive from ignorance and poverty, are the reasons of much suffering in this world. To stop this vicious cycle, governments should take their role in helping its people get rid of poverty, and family education is of ..(more)
Video-0949 Our True Home is in Heaven
Supreme Master Ching Hai said, “There is no home on this planet. You have only one home and that is the wisdom eye. Emotional needs and physical needs are different from the real Home and we just have to create a better inner connection. In reality, nobody needs ..(more)