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Video-0954 Working in Unity: to Save the Planet
“We don’t always have to be together, we have to work together in different sections of the world, we have to save the planet, at least save the world.” During Cop 16 Climate Change Conference, Supreme Master Ching Hai and our Association members from all over the ..(more)
Video-0955 All Animals are Inherently Good
This video/audio is a collection of three international gatherings between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members. The Supreme Master revealed that animals were inherently good, and each had its own personality. She gave examples of how to interact with ..(more)
Video-0956 Be Strict and Correct in Our Moral Standards
In this video/audio, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes the importance of “being strict and correct in moral standards”. She said, “We should not take, we should just give. You have to remember the five precepts.” The motive of our action has to always be very pure ..(more)
Video-0958 Love is Very Important
On this unique and special day, Valentine’s Day, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminds the fellow initiates: Love is very important, and can be cultivated. Consideration for others is also a kind of love. Without love, one can go nowhere on the ladder of evolution. She also ..(more)
Video-0959 Get in Touch with Our Own Almighty Power
This valuable video/audio is a compilation of several gatherings and discourses between Supreme Master Ching Hai and her disciples. The Supreme Master emphasized that any worldly talent was nothing compared to our inner power. She said, “Just meditate more, and get in ..(more)
Video-0962 We Cannot Become a Saint Without a Loving Heart
What kind of attitude should we have when advocating the message of saving the Earth? Why should parents take good responsibility in taking care of their children? In a gathering with international Association members, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized that ..(more)
Video-0963 Doing Good Will Have Good Results
What kind of person can be considered a true spiritual practitioner? Is it enough just to be vegan and meditate? Supreme Master Ching Hai tells us that a sincere practitioner should be considerate of others in all circumstances. When we need to confirm the right thing ..(more)
Video-0974 Auspicious Locations for Leaders' New Headquarters––a Boon for World Peace
With a deep yearning for the world’s conflicts to subside, Supreme Master Ching Hai made urgent announcement and appealed to the world’s peace-seeking leaders and concerned fellow citizens, informing them of the auspicious places to re-locate their headquarters, ..(more)
Video-0981 Practice Diligently to Protect Yourself and Others
This video/audio presents the lectures of Supreme Master Ching Hai during two gatherings with international Association members in Hsihu, Formosa. The Supreme Master tells us that although we may not have a big temple to practice in, our body is the best temple and ..(more)
Video-0987 To Practice Spiritually Is to Be a Shining Example
Supreme Master Ching Hai encourages the association members to be a diligent and righteous spiritual practitioner. When doing any work, we should be honest to our own conscience, don't use that kind of cleverness, then we can move higher on our spiritual level. Master ..(more)
Video-0988 The Palace of God
This body is the Lord’s temple where the jewel of knowledge is revealed. Supreme Master Ching Hai quotes Guru Nanak‘s teaching to remind us, “The way to the palace of Light is through the human body, the mosque of the living God…” We need the human body to practice ..(more)
Video-0989(1.2) Love Conquers Everything
Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded us that when we are attached to this world, we have already fallen into the trap of illusion, or maya. People compete, make pressure and even wage war against each other to attain materialistic comfort. Many Masters throughout the ages ..(more)
Video-0990 Unconditional Love Is a Very Uplifting Power
Meeting with fellow initiates, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded that honesty, virtue, beauty and kindness are all human qualities. However, the quality of a saint is determined by our level, not outer appearance or behavior. To achieve the saintly level, we have to ..(more)
Video-0992 Dedicated to a Good Cause
Good news makes people feel happy; bad news makes people feel heavy. Because of this, the Supreme Master Ching Hai offers an oasis in the news world, like a refuge in the desert, which will allow everyone to bathe in positiveness, where they will feel good; that is the ..(more)
Video-0993 A New Year of Compassion: Special Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai & Bidding Farewell to Supreme Master Television
This video/audio features a very special message from Supreme Master Ching Hai to the world through video conferences with the staff of Supreme Master Television during the 2012 New Year period, when she also bade farewell to the audience. During the conference, ..(more)