Video-0582 Be Determined on the Spiritual Path
Video-0582 Be Determined on the Spiritual Path
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1997.05.10
Place / (Australia) Sydney
Language / English
Time (mins) / 88
Published date / 2002.04
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The followings are some of the questions posed by initiates to Master on this DVD and Her enlightened answers.

Q: Is there no self-awareness above the Third World?

A: There's self-awareness, but it depends on how you describe it. Above the Three Worlds, we don't think the way we think here. We don't think, for example, that self-awareness means "me"; that is, Ching Hai, the Supreme and all that. There's no such thing, but there's still awareness. There's no such thing as losing yourself, but then in such a supreme state of awareness, you don't think, "Oh, it's me! I'm aware of myself!" or anything like that. So there's no good in using worldly language to describe what you feel up there, because it's all different, it's so different! You just feel good, and that's enough. There's no need for self-awareness or 'him' awareness or 'she' awareness. At that time we don't discriminate. We don't even think that there's a self or not a self. We just know.

Q: After initiation, does the law of cause-and-effect change more quickly than before?

A: If you want it quick, it will be quick. If you want it slow, it will be slow.

Q: If it's quick, does it mean that our responsibilities in this world are finished quickly?

A: No. Don't rush. Just doing it the way you're doing it now is fine. And then if you really want it quick, things will happen. What I mean is sometimes we're in a hurry and want to do things quickly so that we can go Home and that's OK. But Home is always there, so don't worry, and just taking it easy is better. If you're too quick, you get very tired and don't have time and energy to survive and meditate. So just let it be the way it is.

Sometimes you work for the community or do the Master's work and then it also goes quickly, automatically. But you have to do it with a sense of devotion and selfless sacrifice, and not do it and then want something in return. Even wanting to cleanse your karma fast or wanting progress fast is also a kind of business. But you may want to do so if you want to. It's just the mind's talk. The soul still does what it has to do. And the Master still has to arrange what He has to arrange for our good.

Q: Master has said that we need to practice on the positive force center through concentration, and then the negative force will come up there in order to have balance. And I want to ask when I make progress in my spiritual studies does more karma come to me? And how can I accomplish this?

A: I've just told you to stay in between because we don't want anything to do with negative or positive anymore. We're going up above it. So just make friends with both, so they don't kick you. I told you this morning that we're going above--above the fighting, above the struggle between the bad and the good, between the negative and the positive. But because we're still here in the battle between both we're just like Switzerland, which became a neutral country. They don't care who's fighting with whom as long as you don't fight with them. And they arm themselves so that they're powerful enough to scare the enemies away before they even attack them. And should they attack them, they're powerful enough to defend themselves. So what we do now is the same. We arm ourselves with God Power and we do good just because we're in this world. We have to be positive, and the negative we try to avoid. That's all. We shouldn't confront or interfere.

We try to be good, but we don't interfere with other people. For example, we don't look down on people who don't do good like we do, who don't give to charity or whatever. Or if we're vegetarian, we don't look down on the people who eat meat or drink wine. We just become friends with whomever comes our way, and try to show the good way to them if they care to follow. That's the way it is. And meanwhile, we arm ourselves with the Master Power so that we can survive in this world and then go up and up all the time.

Q: How can the Sound purify us?

A: Just like water can cleanse your body, the Sound can purify the spirit.

Q: Is purity also a vibrational frequency?

A: Yes, it kind of filters the negative influences that sometimes enter your being, your magnetic field through contact with the world or contaminated situations, or that you inherited from the situation, or environment, or kind of a past-life leftover. It filters that out just like a filter or like water cleanses the body.

Invisibly, our minds are contaminated by bad thoughts, by negative thinking, and if you continue using the Sound at a higher vibration it will eliminate the lower vibration just like some electronic work. This is metaphysical but it does cleanse. That's why you become better and better. It doesn't matter how! As long as you're cleansed it's fine. Because we can't explain everything with worldly languages, but as long as the result is there, you know it's like that. We have to know inside not with languages.

We feel better and better, purer and purer, simpler and simpler every day! The proof is that you don't want any more fame, you don't want to be famous or have money, or you don't really feel attached to worldly, material comforts anymore. You do have it, and you do know how to take care of yourself, but it doesn't bind you like before. This is the way the Sound cleanses us and makes us feel more and more pure and liberated.

Q: I have a problem that in my spiritual efforts, I also tend to lack enthusiasm, and that can sometimes create a problem. So I just want Your comments and advice about enthusiasm and whether we really need it to make it.

A: We can't buy enthusiasm anywhere. Otherwise, I'd buy some and give it to you. That's why we must go to group meditation. That's why we must read the good Master's teachings and sometimes watch videotapes to keep re-warming the spirit and encouraging ourselves because, actually, we're already Buddha. There's no need to do much. But since we are already here, we might just as well accomplish whatever we came for. Otherwise, after we die, we feel sorry and say, "I should have done this. I should have done that." And then you have to come back again because your conscience doesn't let you rest. So enthusiasm is a difficult thing in this world.

Because after we reach a certain level we know we're secure. We just feel inside that we're spiritually secure and don't need anything anymore. But we do have to meditate more to strengthen our foundation of realization and also to bless the world, to gather more spiritual power so that wherever we go people benefit. Just like we don't earn money for ourselves so much now and don't use much anymore -- our life is simple. But whatever's leftover, sometimes the neighbor needs or hungry African people need, and we just send it and help. That's why we earn more money just like we practice spiritually not only for ourselves. Even if we don't have enthusiasm, we do it for the world. Be strong and positive and go to fellow practitioners, talk to them, meditate together to get your enthusiasm back or at least not stay sagging.