Video-0887 Trust in God to Provide What We Need
Video-0887 Trust in God to Provide What We Need
No. 0887
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2008.12.21,2008.12.24,2008.12.26
Place / (France)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 116
Published date / 2010.10
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  • Summary

During this international seminar, Supreme Master Ching Hai recites beautiful readings from the biblical Psalms of David in celebration of Christmas. The message is clear: trust in God to provide us with what we need.

Whatever situation we are given, we should accept and trust that it is the best for us. We also need to be patient, because things will change. The Supreme Master says, “There is nothing else we should do but wait and do our job. Our job is just to remember God and to meditate on God everyday. Everything else will take care of itself.”

In doing so, we also need to check our ego everyday. Through stories told by the Supreme Master, we are reminded how focusing on others’ shortcomings is costly to our own spiritual practice. Instead, we should learn from others’ mistakes and practice with diligence and humility to progress spiritually.