01291-V0357 Perceive the Truth Through Inner Wisdom
01291-V0357 Perceive the Truth Through Inner Wisdom
No. 01291-V0357
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.21
Place / (Switzerland) Geneva
Language / English
Translation / French
Time (mins) / 1h50m22s
Publication No. / video-357
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When we see with the inner eye, the brilliant light from heaven, and when we hear the heavenly music from also through the inner hearing faculty. But we would think that what kind of body inside that even have an eye and ears? Because if we operate this body, there are only internal organs, no eyes, no ears inside. But that is our true self, who actually needs no ears to hear, no eyes to see. Man is the greatest creation in the whole universe, greater than the angels. *Therefore when we are virtuous and enlightened, there are angels who will surround us, and protect us, and serve us. So you remember, when Jesus was born, there were angels who came to greet him. And if we have the inner eye or we call the wisdom eye open, we can see the saints surrounded by different beings, including the angels. And if we practice the enlightenment way, we will also be surrounded by angels of different levels. Because within us, there is the kingdom of God, there is God Himself. Because God has made man in His own image. Therefore we have the almighty power. The reason why we do not have access to this power is because we have forgotten how to use it. *The saints, like Jesus and Buddha, are those who have remembered how to utilize this greatest power within ourselves. Within this power, there lies beauty, virtues, and the almighty ability to do a thousand and one things at once. But then the person doesn't need to do anything, because we transcend the level of mundane activity, but we enter into the level of almighty network.