02242A-V0881 Children's Health & Sustainable Planet Jeju International Conference(1,2,3)
02242A-V0881 Children's Health & Sustainable Planet Jeju International Conference(1,2,3)
Category / International Conferences on Climate Change
Event date / 2009.09.21
Place / (Korea) Jeju Island
Language / English, Korean
Time (mins) / (1) 1h41m07s, (2) 1h20m05s, (3) 1h27m24s
Publication No. / DVD-881
Related Video & Audio/ Video-0881(1.2.3) "Children's Health & Sustainable Planet" Jeju International Conference
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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  • Summary

Forty-nine non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on Jeju Island, S. Korea, co-hosted an International Conference entitled, "Children's Health & Sustainable Planet". Supreme Master Ching Hai, renowned scientists and doctors were invited to discuss children’s health and environmental issues especially related to climate change. It was concluded that an organic vegan diet is the best way to reduce global warming and improve children’s nutrition.

Supreme Master Ching Hai provided us with five great ways to reduce climate change, i.e. Be Veg, Go Green, Live Frugally, Do Good Deeds and Pray. She emphasized once again that an organic vegan lifestyle is the only way to save the Earth, because the love energy out of this will surround the Earth and become an umbrella of protection. No other environmental power can protect us at this critical moment. As long as we unite together, the Earth will be saved for sure.