00292A Karma Does Not Exist Originally

00292A Karma Does Not Exist Originally
00292A Karma Does Not Exist Originally
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.10.25
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h28m13s
Publication No. / Tape-CE13/ "The Immediate Key of Enlightenment", Chinese version(vol. 3)
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  • Summary

Quan Yin practitioners will surely transform if they really follow Master's instructions in their spiritual practice. It is impossible that they remain the same, because the power of Quan Yin is incredible and it will help us cleanse all our karma. Only at that time can we truly understand that karma does not exist in the first place. At that time, we will forgive ourselves and truly realize that we have no sin.

The sound stream can comfort our minds. If the mind can be calmed down, the soul will be able to make good use of it, and then it will truly think on its own and realize that "karma does not exist originally". The mind will see the world as truly just a stage, with nothing happening really at all. Only then can we say, "karma does not exist originally", which is the real ultimate liberation.

  1. Are troubles and miseries all due to our own making? How can we break away from the sea of miseries? Master imparts a method to liberate us from the sea of miseries.
  2. What is the true meaning of delivering sentient beings? Why is it said that Buddha delivers sentient beings but no being is delivered?
  3. How come we will truly understand that karma doesn't exist originally after practicing the Quan Yin Method?
  4. How come we will respect all beings even more after experiencing that karma doesn't exist originally?
  5. What is the real meaning of searching for an enlightened Master? Do we have to search for an enlightened Master if we want to be liberated from the sea of miseries?
  6. What is true great compassion? What different levels are there in spiritual practice?
  7. Earth Store Bodhisattva vowed that he will not be a Buddha until hell becomes empty. Is it possible for hell to be emptied? Why is it said that hell is some kind of automatic machine?
  8. What are the manifestations of Quan Yin Bodhisattva and Amitabha Buddha?
  9. It is very difficult to control our monkey minds. Why is it said that the Quan Yin Method is a substitute for mind stabilizers?
  10. How does the sound stream work to truly liberate us?
  11. Do enlightened masters really take on the karmic burdens for sentient beings? How do enlightened masters cleanse sentient beings of their sense of guilt?
  12. Do Master's books have blessing powers? How can we experience the blessing power of an enlightened Master?
  13. Why doesn't Master dare to spoil fellow initiates? What effect will it have on our spiritual practice if we are too attached to Master?
  14. Why shouldn't we make wishes casually before enlightenment? How should we make wishes?
  15. What is true "endurance of humiliation"? What kind of patience does one need to have as an enlightened Master?
  16. How come the physical body of Master is very important? What is the job of an enlightened Master?