20170909 Qualities and Powers of the Supra-Universal Realms
20170909 Qualities and Powers of the Supra-Universal Realms
No. 20170909
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.09.09
Place / Taiwan (Formosa), Hsihu
Language / Chinese,English
Time (mins) / 57
Updated date / 2018.04
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Do you know the term by now? The “Original Universe”. Then I’ll tell you a little about my progress. I’ve already revealed too much. I thought it was the first time when I returned to the Original Universe. Later I realized that I've returned there at least two or three times. I’ve ascended to an extremely high level now, surpassing the Original Universe. But all realms originated from the Original Universe. The Original Universe has lots of attributes and powers. Each new realm possesses only a couple of powers. However, each power is very strong. Each new realm has about 300K to 500K beings, bright and beautiful beings.