Video-0357 Perceive the Truth by Inner Wisdom
Video-0357 Perceive the Truth by Inner Wisdom
No. 0357
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1993.04.21
Place / (Switzerland) Geneva
Translation / French
Language / English
Time (mins) / 27,28,27,26,27
Published date / 2019.07
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  • Summary

After we reach the Truth inside, we have both virtues and beauty. All that we like to cultivate for a great gentleman, we will find after we realize the Truth. And it’s nothing that we could describe about the Truth, except when we perceive it, we will be changed into oneness with this Truth. And then we will be living a life of Truth, beauty and virtue. The life of Jesus, the life of Buddha, the life of Lao Tzu and all the other great Masters since ancient times. Because within us, there is the Kingdom of God, there is God Hirmself, because God has made man in Hiers own image. Therefore, we have the almighty power.

Our wisdom is the source of all learning, of all intelligence in the world. The Lord is the source of all love, be it mundane, fatherly or between man and woman. And, therefore, when we seek this wisdom, we have all intelligence. When we seek this love, all desire is quenched. And we will never seek for anything more. All beauty, virtues will come to us and stay. All love will be filled within our beings and stay, without any effort, because we are love, we are wisdom, we are beauty.

All the unhappiness, craving in this world comes from the dissatisfaction that we do not know the real things. If each one is enlightened and rediscovers his own greatness, there is no more crime in this world. All the greed, all the possessiveness comes from the memory that we have all things in Heaven, before we came down to this world. Therefore, to end all these, we should go back to where we belong. Not to condemn ourselves or our neighbors, but to know that we have all things within ourselves, and to help our fellow men to reach also the same level of consciousness.

Questions and Answers:

How can we use the knowledge that we have learned in the past life in this life? Well, the present time is more important than the past. If in the present life, we are enlightened, by a Master, the future is no more problem. And the past is also disconnected. Otherwise, we’d have so many lives on Earth, and so many past records, we can’t correct them all. What is Tao? “Tao” is like you say, the Kingdom of God, the Buddha nature, the great Self, the Wisdom.

Don’t You think that many religions are sometimes responsible for wars and why it is so? It’s not the religions that are responsible, but we are responsible. We make discrimination between religions. We force people into our belief by violence, and that was never the intention of the founder of any religion. Even Jesus when He was alive, He never forced people to believe Him. He said, “Give unto Cesar what belongs to Cesar!” And even people crucified Him, He didn’t protest. He wanted to show the disciples the way of surrender, the way of forgiveness, the way of love.